Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sam will be stoked to see this! lol

I know its been ages since i last wrote on here but i have been way too busy with uni.

I managed to get all my course work done and handed in on time, finished the uni classes for the year, getting on well in both my jobs then i went on a field trip and dislocated me knee!

So for the past 3 weeks i have been out of action, but am slowly getting back the ability to bend my knee again. I was advised to keep the bend in my leg brace at 30 degrees for 2 weeks, but after a week i could bend my knee to 60 degrees with not too much discomfort. 

Only yesterday i changed the bend in the leg brace to 75 degrees, which i am totally happy with, but it is still getting used to it so i won't be back on the pole just yet. i am hoping that by the end of next week i can take my leg brace off regularly with a bend of 90 degrees plus, but i have to take it easy or Chris tells me off, lol!

I have my first exam on Friday, its all about natural resources focusing on water, uranium and meat consumption. I have made pretty little mind maps that now decorate my flat. Chris tested me last night and i really have a lot of memory work to do.

I was totally gutted i missed out on the farm day out with the girls, i hope to make the next team build as i don't get to see the girls so much now and feel like I'm loosing touch with the pole world.

I hope Sam has managed to catch the thief that has been stealing her money, i just couldn't believe it when i heard about it, poor Rosanna and Tamar must of felt so bad. I'm just glad it hasn't happened again, little scum bags!

The UPPDC had the annual AGM where people can nominate themselves and be voted in to a position to the committee, i didn't go for a position for next year as i have a dissitation to do on top of the usual load of coursework, a little too much stress for me! I will be teaching some of the classes next year but i am sure the other girls would love a chance to have a go too.

I have just signed up to be a Vie consultant, which means i am looking for hostesses to have parties at their house/ venue so they can try on and feel lots of amazing beauty products and make up. I am a beauty therapist by trade and have been missing the social fun side of the beauty business. I will leave leaflets at the studio if anyone is interested, maybe you could have a pole and beauty party!

I think thats all i have time to talk about as i have to get back to revision. I hope Jo's legs are on the mend and she is getting on well, she looked well at our last meeting.

Take care and i look forward to seeing everyone in the near future when my knee is all fixed.
Love Nixi

Friday, 6 February 2009

Where has the time gone ????

My my, it has been along time since i last wrote on these pages, and i'm not sure if i am going to remember everything that has and is going on!

Well Christmas was fab and New Year was awesome as i was living it up in Amsterdam with my lover and some friends.
Started back at uni with heaps of dead lines and exams, but now it has mellowed out before the storm in the next few weeks when we will be given more deadlines and our final year exams start, ARRRGGGHHHH!! hehehe

The UPPDC classes have been back on and are going well, though have been turned up a notch as i really want to challenge my girls now it is the second year of the club running successfully. The AGM will be arriving soon so a new committee will be nominated and elected which is very exciting! I will be stepping down as chair because of uni commitment in my third year, but I will still be teaching the UPPDC classes.

Well as i am sure you are all well aware of Sam's new fame from the South Devon College performance. It is amazing that some people just can not open their minds to the concept that pole dancing is actually very physically demanding and not a display of muff grinding on the pole! The news was found to be all over the world making the Art of Dance the most talked about and published pole dance school ever! (In my eyes) I am very proud of Sam putting her foot down and not letting the college treat her like an idiot as she is anything but! Go girl!

The UPPDC had recently performed in the university SU in a showcase to raise money and awareness for Muscular Dystrophy, most of the committee performed and some of our members. It was such a successful and awesome night that we are in talks about doing another one maybe at the end of this academic year. We raised over £200 (we are waiting to hear back from Muscular Dystrophy campaign for the exact figures), so we are all very pleased by ourselves. We also have to thank the DJ's that volunteered for us and the BreakDance club who put there moves down to entertain so we could all have a break and not worry about our nerves. Chris filmed the whole event so i am slowly uploading them on to YouTube (it takes over 2 hours each time) under Sexinixi so you can have a little look and see how it went.

Sam sent me an email recently which British Isles Pole Dance Championships are advertising their pre auditions and competition through seedy strip clubs, this is not what the pole dance industry want to hear as everyone have been working so hard to make the art of pole dance have a great reputation, and this "championship" could just destroy all the hard work building pole dance up to be an athletic and professional sport. It just makes my blood boil how some people really just want to make money from something which should be treated with respect.

Right, i have to finish ranting as i am starving and i have just finished an essay so needed to let off some steam. Sam will be glad when she has seen i have written on here :-)

Thank you for reading, have a great weekend and take care of yourselves ;-D

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Almost Christmas!!!..... how scary!

First of all a huge congratulations to Sam and Tamar for getting through to the finals in Pole Divas and competing against the best dancers in the country! What a rush that must have felt, i so so very proud of them both :-)

I don't know about you, but i really don't feel like its Christmas. I have tried to get into the Christmas spirit by singing along to the classics, arranging to see family members during the important days. But all i would like to do is have long lie ins, go for long walks over the moors and just chill out! Uni really doesn't like to be kind to its students, just when i thought i was getting through the piles of course work, presentations and having 2 jobs, i get the thrill of revising for 2 exams and completing more course work in the first week i return from Christmas, which basically means..... no holiday for me!

Chris is very understanding of these circumstances, hence he is taking me away to Amsterdam for 5 days for New Years. I'm so excited as i have never really explored Europe like i have the rest of the world. Amsterdam has such a fun and crazy reputation, it sounds like just what i need to get away from everything here. We will be going for another couple, so i think i will be coming home with face ache from too much laughing :-D

I have come to a time in my life where my maternal instincts are getting so strong its starting to scare me, so i have decided Chris and I have to get a dog! Chris is very fond of this idea, but not so fond about moving house so that we can get one. We live in a top floor flat, which is not very suitable to bring up a puppy, and the area is always full of glass on the floor (Not nice in the slightest!). I started looking around yesterday and found it almost impossible where landlords like pets in the building! I have suggested that we will pay for professional cleaning but still not many are keen. Chris and I have had dogs all of our lives so its not like we are ammeters and will let them run wild like hyenas. So fingers crossed for the new year.

The UPPDC classes have been going very well and the girls have progressed fast, we are holding competitions very soon next year between other uni's,  we have had so much great feedback about our idea that i am surprised no one has done anything about it before. It's great to know my time at uni with my committee will make a difference to university history.

In January on Wednesday 28th we will be holding a charity show case in the SU raising money for certain muscular charities. We will be performing for a couple of hours and will party more afterwards, so keep this date free in your diaries as everyone is welcome, all we ask for is a donation on entry.

Right that's me for now, i have more work to be getting on with, I have an exam next Tuesday so must get my head down.
Take care and have a wonderful Christmas

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Hello again!

Its been a while since i last posted and i feel very guilty so i thought it best to be kind to my conscience and write an update of what has been happening in the hectic life of Nixi!

Well first of all was the airing of Eggheads on 30th October. That was a very funny 30 mins, some of my friends, Chris, my team mates and their friends, Sam and the BBC crew that had been following Sam around for the past couple of weeks were all there. We just all laughed all the way through, it was almost like doing it all over again as we hadn't seen ourselves on T.V before and our friends didn't know we had won. So it was really fun to watch it at the student union.

I have been really busy at university, and now even busier since i have been set 2 essays, 2 group projects and an exam to do all before 12 December!! So i don't really have time to breath. But its all good as i am finding the second year alot more interesting and focused more on the things i am interested in. Getting nervous of my third year dissertation already, i have decided what i am going to do, its just deciding how and when to start. i don't want to be doing it in my third year, i would prefer it if it was finished by September so i can focus on other things, though it is 50% of my final 3rd year mark!

The University pole dance club has really kicked off this year, we have more regular students coming to classes everyweek then there have ever been, showing that pole dance has built the reputation of becoming the most popular and exciting way to get fit and meet new friends whilst having fun. This is great news! I have even seen that KT Coates has made a petition to get pole dancing recognised as an olympic sport. As this was the first thing all my family said when they first saw me and the AOD crew pole dance, and because of the intense strength, concentration, determination and precision of pole dance, i strongly believe that it should.
The link to it if you wish to sign is http://www.petitiononline.com/polympic/.

Last night first the first time my parents and Chris' parents met. It turned out to be a very good evening and everyone got on well, so that good news, even with lots of alcohol and food involved!
So today to release all the tension from the hectic and stressful week, Chris and I are going surfing, thats if he can get his lazy butt out of bed, i think  a kick should do it :-) hehehe

Have a great week ahead and hope to see you soon,

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Back to normal term routine


So the UPPDC has started again and the first induction classes started this week with a bang! We have over 130 members so far and still climbing after the freshers fair. Today my class was filmed by the BBC3 film crew for their new documentary about pole dancing which i am sure Sam has written all about it in her blog.

Not much else to say other than i have been studying lots and am determined to do really well in my second year as i will get more support with my studies due to finding out i have a below average memory capacity, which was very upsetting to find out but great to know why i forget things like i do!

I crashed my van roof into a low arch way a couple of weeks ago, so now i am going through the insurance company to try and sort that out, complete nightmare!! May have to get a new roof as the damage is pretty bad, so i just hope that it can be done within the vehicle value because i really don't want to write my sunshine off just for a hole in the roof!

Will be back with more chat soon, take care

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

About to start uni!!

So i'm back from my amazing surf trip to France and have come back engaged!! I am so happy, Chris is just pefect for me :-)

The classes for the UPPDC will start the week after next so keep your eyes peeled and don't forget to come to the freshers fair to join the UPPDC with your NUS and Sports card. Ofcourse you must be a student to be a member, so if you are don't miss out!! the dates are Wed 1st Oct at 6pm til 10pm and Sat 4th Oct 2pm til 6pm. We will be in the SU so make sure you can make it!

I haven't been here as i have been on holiday but i wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to Rosanna and Steve on there engagement, and to all the new mothers to be!!

CONGRTAULATIONS to Tamar and Sam for qualifying for the finals, you both did fantastic performances, good luck with the finals!! xx

I passed my ETM so am now a qualified aerobics instructor and will hopefully be doing some dance based aerobics in the second studio in the not too distant future.

I will keep you posted on when my next lessons will be and when i will start my regular flexibility classes to keep you all bendy inbetween pole lessons!

Take care and hope to see you all soon,

Monday, 25 August 2008

Aerobics assessment coming up, arghh!!!!!!

Yes it is now only 2 days away, will i or will i not be a qualified exercise to music teacher??? I will certainly let you know in my next blog, i just know right now that i am bricking it!! lol

Great news, on Friday i got a text from Mad Dog productions who held the auditions for the new Alice in Wonderland movie  by Tim Burton, and i was asked to take part and audition for the ball room scene as a dancer. But this is just bad timing because on Monday Chris and I had literally just booked and paid for our ferry, breakdown cover and insurance to go away fro 3 weeks, which would mean i would miss the dance audition, the first sitting and the beginning of filming!

Chris asked which would i prefer and i definately chose surfing for 3 weeks in warm waters rather than stuck in Plymouth with the "chance" of being famous in a cool movie. Yes i agree is a fab opportunity, but i only went for it to see if i would get it and i would do it if i was available. And im not!
I go back to university on the 29th September so it would also clash with this as i have so much to organise for the UPPDC and get my head back into science. It was so great though to discover that i was chosen! Congratulations to all of you who went for it and got the part :-) and i'm sorry for those of you who didn't :-(

I taught the Friday class last week and got the girls on a spinning pole then did some flexibility training, was fun but very dizzy! I will next be teaching 2 private classes on Friday this week before i head off to France.

I hope the social went well on saturday, i unfornately couldn't make it due to my Support Work job. I have to work heaps to make up for the 3 weeks of no wages to come!! But i know it will be worth it and i can't wait for this holiday. I have realised that since i started traveling i usually can't go any longer than 2 years without escaping away. As i am at uni it is hard for me to go off on one of my adventures, so now i have to take this trip before the long and evil hours of study get me in October to June next year!! Argghhhhhhh

Enough of my ramblings, take care and hopefully see you on my return to Plymouth :-)